RAM corruption on Pixhawk when flash new firmware

RAM corruption on Pixhawk when flash new firmware, all data lost.


I think it would be helpfull if you could provide a few more details:

What hardware (Flight Controller)?
What connection PC- to FlightController are you using?
Which FW version were you on before?
Which FW version are you trying to install?
Which Software are you using to do the FW upgrade?

What do you mean with “all data lost”? You mean data on the SD card? You mean parameter settings?

Maybe, if you can give some more details it might be easier for people to try and help.


thanks for your replay :slight_smile:
hardware: pixhawk
connection: usb port
old FW: copter3.5-rc4
new FW: copter3.5-rc4(modify some code)
update tools: ./waf copter --upload
all date lost means that parameter settings was set to default.
thansk again;