RallyPoints only upload thru USB

I have tried now with many different Cubes including old blacks, newer blacks, and one orange cube to upload Rally points thru the telemetry modem. It fails everytime.

I am only able to upload rally points thru USB connection. But after disconnecting Mission Planner does not show the rally points any more. They are in the memory of the Cube but they do not show in Mission Planner. I have tested that they work but it is very inconvenient not to see the rally points in GCS.

Why… and how can I correct this…

On Mac OSX Qgroundcontrol: Same thing… Actually even worse. The Rally and Fence tab do not work at all… And does not load the Rally points from the cube memory

You need to use mavlink2 for your telem connection

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In Copter-4.1 (and other vehicles) we will default the SERIALx_PROTOCOL = 2 (Mavlink2) to avoid this issue, sorry for the troubles!

Nice but thank you for your help.