Radio Transmitter Issue Out of the Box Solved

Hello all. I’m happy to say I’ve expanded my fun in the RC community with UAV flying. I’ve been flying planes and RC Helicopters for many year. This technology fascinates me with the GPS and autopilot flight. Awesome stuff. After two months of research I decided on the 3DR product. I like the upgradeability and non-proprietary batteries. The wide stance of the legs is also a plus. I like to be able to work on the craft and change settings as well…anyways…
I got the Iris prepped and gave it the maiden flight today. Problems right away with control. If I was new to RC I probably would have crashed it. Took off in STD mode and control was erratic in roll to right and a bit twitchy. Landed it and started to troubleshoot. I found that input on the right roll (right stick) was way off. About 10-15 degrees from center was indicating 100% to endpoint on the control screen. Not good. I thought it was a bad gimbal but figured out how to get into the radio settings and re-calibrate the sticks. After the calibrations problem solved. I recommend new owners check the radio carefully before first flight. I will keep an eye on this radio and report back after some more flights.
By the way, is there a manual for the Iris radio programming, menus, navigation and so on? Thanks! I hope this share helps someone else too.

this is the radio manual for the original iris … 0Guide.pdf
I understand iris+ uses opentx

Thank you. I’m not familiar with opentx. I’ve always run Futaba and Spectrum radios…no problems with navigating menus and setting up channels, working with throttle, pitch curves, expo/dual rate, flight modes and so on. This Iris transmitter is a total mystery with no documentation. I assume 3DR doesn’t want someone to change settings and mess it up.

I find the Iris too docile (soft) in throttle response out of the box. I’d like a bit more pop for STD mode. With fixed pitch props you really have to stay on top of direction change. It tends to sink or go beyond my intended line. More immediate throttle would arrest that. It would be nice to tweak that a little.

I understand why it’s set that way. The beginners to flying will appreciate it but more importantly the low C rating of the stock batteries is protected. Too much throttle in a short period of time would probably draw too much current and damage the battery. It must be a trade off for battery size and flight time. I’m used to 25c to 30c batteries and collective pitch helis. I’ll have to keep in mind this craft has a different mission. It’s not a hot rod.

If anyone knows how to get a touch more throttle response in STD mode I’d appreciate it.