Radio RSSI, packet loss & logs

Hi all,

I’m looking for clarification on graphing my telemetry radio link quality.

In the MP HUD top right corner I see the radio quality link, wich, as I understood, is based on % radio packages lost. Is this info stored in my tlog, if so where? How can I graph this value, or is it calculated by MP?
Furtermore the RSSI and noise values I my tlog always seem empty, while I understood this is not control radio TX/RX quality, but Telemetry radio quality? Why are these empty?

Thanks in advance!

Here’s a tlog which shows 71%-73% packet loss in the HUD, but still dont have a clue how to graph this value, or any other to see some measure of telemetry radio link quality. Any hints maybe? Thanks in advance…

I had a quick look at your tlog and I don’t even see the “RADIO” section when I go to graph rssi, remrssi, noise, remnoise.

You should have those available to you… what version of ArduPlane are you running? I don’t know if that’s related, but is the first thing I can think of to look for… The only other thing is making sure you’re not powering up with the USB connected, then disconnecting the USB and flying… I think you have to disconnect the USB, power down, power up, and then fly. **I COULD BE MISTAKEN ON THIS!! I only mention it because I know we are not supposed to connect to USB and then attempt to connect to telemetry at the same time, as they use the same virtual port. Does that apply at all?

I’ve attached two pics, one of the Graph Log window showing what you should see when you’re selecting mavlink options to graph, and one of my remrssi, rssi, noise, and remnoise settings under the Radio. Now, I think I have some work to do here, as this is an older log and I don’t know why my RSSI figures are what they are, and my ground noise is too high, but nonetheless it provides an example of what you should expect to see… Sorry I can’t be more help!


thanks a lot!

I’ve never seen a RADIO section anywhere in any log! I’m using Hobbyking hardware (radio and APM2.5) with newest versions of Arduplane (2.76) and MP.
In the field I’m using Droidplanner on my Phone, connected via a bluetooth module to the ground radio, so I guess the USB issue doesn’t apply. Also when connecting Phone to radio with a cable I didnt see a RADIO section. Also I’ve not seen an option to (de)select RADIO logging anywhere.

Who can assist finding my RADIO section?? If more info on my setup is required let me know…

PS: Ahhhh, a light is shining! DroidPlanner hasnt implemented handling RADIO messages yet… issue solved!!


ah ha :slight_smile:

First I would like to thanks Splinter for pointing out this thread, since I only check the DroidPlanner sub-forum.

I think I can clear some things in this issue:

The .tlog generated by DroidPlanner contains every single byte that has passed thought the telemetry link.

DP has not implemented yet the handling of RSSI packets (which are generated by the hope-RF ICs), the issue is this: … issues/223 . So what happens is DP doesn’t request the RSSI packets, and nothing get’s logged.

Those who want to give input to a possible implementation of the Radio information in DP can contribute here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4965