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Radio H16 - connection, interfaces

We are using a H16 and do like it. It is handy, easy to use an to configure. But what we didn’t worked out is how USB tethering, bluetooth connection, RJ45 and Wifi worok. Of course we know it should basically work but… the manual is not really helpfull and support online neither

  • USB tethering when running QGC and want to connect it to a Laptop for having QGC on laptop receiving telemetry too is not working. What is to be done for having the connection to the laptop?
  • same for bluetooth tethering. Connecting to bluetooth from laptop to H16 is ok. But there is no port on the laptop QGC can connect to.
  • the wifi reception is quite poor. Even if we stay next to the router. Anything to be configuredon H16? Basically this is an Android/skydroid thing.
  • We connected the H16 via network cable to a network switch at which a computer with active internet connection is connected too. Now the H16 doesn’t get internet. I think this could have something to do with DHCP and static IP adresses.
    Anyone can give me some hints to those points?

I am also stuck on something simillar, the documentations doesn’t have much info either. @cuav_le @cuavRC @cuav , Please Help if possible.

Anyone any hint?
We re for sure not the only ones having a H16

Hi Chris,

Same issues here! Did you ever get anywhere with the RJ45 connections. I can connect to the Receiver LAN port and ping the recevier IP address ( and the trasnmitter IP address ( but when I connect to the RJ45 on the transmitter there is no sign of any network connection.

Seems the RJ45 port on the ground unit is only for connecting it to the internet, e.g. via a router. We couldn’t work out integrating it into network. No way of accessing the IP devices “behind” the ground unit like receiver or connected IP camera from the network the ground unit is connected to.

Thanks for the info Chris. This is unfortunate as this would be a nice function to use the network link.

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