Radio Failsafe insights

Hello Everyone,

I need you to make clear a few points about radio failsafe, I am resuming an old post where I have already carried out this topic but I need to get more insights.

I am using the following configuration:

  • Taranis Frsky X9D+ as transmitter
  • Frsky X8R as receivier
  • Pixhawk as Flight controller with latest firmware 4.0.2

I have followed a few pages on the web and this is what I have done:

  1. set the transmitter failsafe mode to receiver
  2. set the receiver failsafe mode on option 2, as expained on its manual, and in this arducopter page. Option 2 means "no-signal method"
  3. Set Radio failsafe on mission planner.


  • is it right to set the trasmitter failsafe mode to receiver? There are other options such as Hold, Custom, No pulses. I feel to have picked the right choice but I need you to share your opinion about it.

  • The wiki page states: when a radio failsafe is triggered if the copter is disarmed no failsafe will take place. I have to disagree with this statement since The Red Text Failsafe got displayed in the monitor. Do you get the same issue?

  • The parameter FS_THR_VALUE is used only for the “low-throttle method”, is it right? Since I am using the “no-signal method” this parameter can not be considered, do you agreee? is there a value which disables this parameter?

  • As to FS_THR_ENABLE parameter I have Enabled Continue with Mission in Auto Mode (which is Deprecated in 4.0+), the wiki page tells to use FS_OPTION, actually I have not understood how to configure this parameter, do you have any tips?

any help at all? looking forward to your reply

No pulses is best if you have a Flight Controller with Failsafe Action.Many fly planes with no FC and need FS action on the receiver.