Quick question about motor mounts

I am building a plane and was curious if the t-motor motor mount is same in dimension as sunnysky motor mount.

Thank you for your time for such silly question

Can you send a link/info of the two mounts you are talking about?

I wish to use 3520 size motor for my build. T-motor and sunnysky both make this motor. But before building my model I need to decide motor mount for my plane. I dont have the motor yet hence I wanted to know if they have same dimensions. So that I can start assembling my model until motor arrives.

here is link of t-motor 3520 and Sunnysky 3520

On T-motor page there is in specification this drawing :

Same for Sunnysky :

Thanks for your time. I should have checked their website before writing here.
Much appreciated.

Shubham Thakur