Questions about Servo Control

So I am trying to get a continuous servo to spin on command via using an aux switch. And ideas on how to do that, also, if the servo can operate on 5V then do I need an external battery.

Thanks in advance!

Continuous to spin? Servos are not motors, they move X degrees clock and anti clock wise.

And what are u using to make it move? PixHawk?

That depends on what type of continuous servo it is. Some stop at 1500µs PWM with faster forward/reverse speed with lower/higher PWM. is it that type? If so it’s a simple mix with the radio.

You don’t need a Flight Controller to do that but if you have one it’s a simple matter to use passthrough.

I was using a PixHawk and I eventually got it to work via RCpassthrough. However, if you use up all of your motor outputs how would you control the servo via the flight controller, with my previous trial connecting the servo to an aux port it would not be able to move while the motors spinned.

You can generally control 6 servos on the Aux outputs with a Pixhawk. Motors on the main outputs. I don’t have any problem running motors on the main outs and servos on the Aux outs.