Questions about correct flight conditions

Good morning
I tuned the correct pid value with your help.
I could fly comfortably

However, this is only for stab mode.
I flew using loiter mode.
The results were very disappointing.
The quadcopter shakes even though there is little wind.
When i move the aircraft forward, it goes slightly to the side, not in a straight line.
When i release the stick while moving the drone, the brake is applied after about 1 second or 2 seconds.

Normally, does stab mode’s flight performance not affect loiter mode?
I am very embarrassed by other flight performance.
What parameters should I touch in order to improve the flight performance in loiter mode or poshold mode?

Firstly talking about your some parts like gps module , also frame etc etc (may-be that’s all :sweat_smile:)

And try with autotune after flying your copter

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

The gps module is here2.
The copter is sized around f450.
It flies well in the stabilized mode, but I wonder why it is not so in the loiter.
I am also wondering if this can also make a good flight performance with parameters

F450 is normal routine on pixhawk pids , can you provide additional soft material in pixhawk (damping) like this , read this article :sunglasses:

And when you going on next time to fly then charge your battery at 100% and wait for gps satellite number more then 12 and realized on loiter mode after realize to autotune mode
Note this method doing on ground like no mode people out there :smile:

Also retry you sensor calibration like gyro , compass

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

Before the autotune you need to do the manual tuning instructions, otherwise it will probably not work at all.
I think I already told you how to do that on another thread.

In the way you told me, I finished pid tuning. This is very satisfying.

But the problem I’m having now seems to be a little different from the pid.
It shows excellent performance in the stab mode, but it stumbles in the loiter, does not go straight, and moves slightly obliquely.