Question : way that i can download former beta firmware version?

I’m using beta 6 firmware which is uploaded weeks ago, but for some reason, i need to get beta 5 firmware again. When i found on ardupilot firmware website, this doesn’t exist and i don’t know the way,
so any way that i can download former beta firmware ?


You can download firmware built as early as July 1st


We don’t keep the binaries for older betas but if you’re happy to build it yourself the githash for Copter-4.1.0-beta5 was 98c73a0b055bca95284177f951713f4e17ffcd79.

If necessary I could build it for you if you tell me the autopilot you’re using.

i download firmware at your link , and the MP say that the firmware - 4.1.0 dev is this beta 5?


Using the firmware server (linked above) you’ll only be able to download the “latest” (aka “dev”) builds from the past month or so. If you want exactly what was in -beta5 then someone needs to compile it directly on their machine.

If you tell me what autopilot you’re using I can build it for you… or you can do it yourself of course if you’re machine is setup to compile AP.

I’m using Ardupilot with cube orange could you build for me?

appreciate your help


Sure. Here’s a link to a copter-4.1.0-beta5 binary for the CubeOrange.