Question regarding Flying Wing!

i have designed a flying wing with the capability of taking-off and landing vertically. now when i am working on making it autonomous, i am having a small problem. The documentation given on the website accounts for making connections of APM with the flying wing only in pusher configuration whereas my flying wing has two puller motors in front. so, i want to know that what should i do? should i solder both motors and connect the same way as for pusher or should i do something else??

Hi Waleed,
It depends if you want to supply different signals to the two motors. If you want to have the two motors always run at the same speed then you can use the existing code. Just setup the plane as an elevon plane and it should work fine. The code makes no assumptions about the motor being at the front or back.
If you want to run the two motors at different speeds then that would require code changes. In that case you will need to describe what control scheme you would like to use.
Cheers, Tridge

Thank you so much Tridge!
i just want to clarify that if i want to run motors at same speed, should we connect both the motors with the same output pin of APM? secondly, if we i do want to give different signals to the motors to run at a different speed, what changes would be required in the code?

I can only answer half your question.
I have a twin motor plane. Yes simply use a Y cable to share the throttle output channel.

Tridge, would like to have dual throttle outputs so I can make fine adjustments to sync the motor speeds, like a prop sync. This might not even require a new parameter if I can just use the trim parameter on the motor channels.
I imagine Waleed will need something more complex like bi-copter stabilization.

Thanx alot everyone!
i will rather go for same output for both the motors!