Question about omnibusf4pro-bdshot target

Hi, I’ve got some low-level questions regarding this target.

In the omnibusf4pro-bdshot target hwdef.dat file, only PWM(2) and PWM(3) have “BIDIR” specified. Does that mean that only those two support bidirectional DShot, or do PWM(1) and PWM(4) also support it? (Presumably in groups of 1/2 and 3/4?)

Are there any implications for PWM 6/7/8 ?

Are there rules around which timers can be used for which pins? I’m wondering whether we could put PWM 5 on timer 1 along with PWM 6? (The way that PWM 1/2 were originally.) And would it be possible to ditch PWM 7/8 and use timer 8 for PWM(1) and PWM(2) in order to preserve the buzzer?