Question about FS_OPTIONS

Hi everybody.

I’m currently learning about failsafe.
In the doc, FS_OPTIONS works like this.

Bit Meaning
0 Continue if in Auto on RC failsafe
1 Continue if in Auto on GCS failsafe
2 Continue if in Guided on RC failsafe
3 Continue if landing on any failsafe
4 Continue if in pilot controlled modes on GCS failsafe
5 Release Gripper

As I know, in the Auto mode, there is a Auto_land state, and if FS_OPTIONS[3] = 1, drone continue landing (actually change mode to land), when any failsafe is occurred.

But this option has a conflict with FS_OPTIONS[0] = 1 which is continue if in Auto on RC failsafe.
If I set the option with FS_OPTIONS[0] = 1 and FS_OPTIONS[3] = 1 and there is a RC failsafe when Auto_land state, then mode is changed to LAND not keep the AUTO.

I know that, these setting is my responsibility, but I have a question that there is any priority or rule in the FS_OPTIONS.

Thank you for reading this :slight_smile: