Quadplane frame wobbling

Hi guys,

We are currently making 4+1 quad plane using Pixhawk orange cube. In this recently we faced some issues while taking off the motor frame totally oscillating. We done manual and automatic Esc calibration and C.G position was proper. But still this problem is coming.

Could anyone give solution for this problem

Thanks for your support in advance

I am attaching the video for reference

quadplane frame total oscillation problem. anybody have solution - YouTube

Why do you think that ESC calibration and CG postion has something to do with your problem? Your airframe and especially the wings are to soft to take the motor forces.
From what it looks like, I wonder if the plane even flew before the VTOL motors were added. You could try to add a second spar to the wing and/or cover the wing in fibreglass.

Thanks for the reply. But i am sure our frame is very solid. Because it was flown very well one time without any struggle. Afterwards our battery drained, so we swapped battery.

After battery swap it’s not working.

Ok. How many times did the plane oscillate like this? If it is a foam wing, it might be damaged and softened by the violent movements now. The foam gets compressed and stretched and looses its integrity. The wing spar might be damaged, too.
Does the new battery have the same specs as the old one?

The battery is same spec sir. I checked all the internal supports is it anything damaged or not. But there is no damage in that

From log analysis what we came to understand is, when we arming all motor rotate same speed,but when we increase throttle slowly motor speed is changing. Drastically that causes the oscillation. We try to fix it by esc calibration but still it’s not working

I am attaching my log file for reference.