Quadpane QRTL error -strongly shaking

At first I did an auto-fly plan(Attachment:Flight Plan.txt). Everything was working normal as expecting. But something went wrong when it entered into QRTL.
QuadPlane is violent shaking when in QRTL mode(TIME:2016-10-20 16-16-31 16:19:53 Attachment:2016-10-20 16-16-31.tlog AND Error Log.log). At this time ,the ground-speed is 25m/s, barometer height is 150m and only “bad compass health” prompting. Shown as below.

When this happen ,I changed mode to Hover, but it’s very hard to control. Shown as below.

Flight Plan.txt (429 Bytes)
2016-10-20 16-16-31.tlog (406.5 KB)
Error Log.log (3.8 MB)

@tridge & @MagicRuB I really need your help. This problem cost me two quadplans :sob:

Hi @farstein

Sorry about your problems with your quadplane! It seems this log file may have been edited, would you mind posting the original .bin?

The log does not show you taking off in auto to perform the mission you’ve posted here.

You can download bin here https://pan.baidu.com/s/1qXDVQ80
You can click it as below to download.

Have you find any clue about my peoblem? Do you think it’s compass not health causing this strong wobble?

Hi, Magicrub, have you downloaded my log?

Looks like a total compass failure, the log data for MAG and MAG2 just stop shortly after takeoff. What kind of hardware do you have?

pixhawk I have. Two compass.