Quadcopter loses power after a few seconds in the air(video)

hi everybody

So i got an apm 2.5 board a couple days ago and everything was going great until my quad copter decided to lose power drift to the right side and hit the ground every time after a few seconds of flying. When this happens I lose control of the throttle. I have to put the stick all the way down so i can gain control again once it hits the floor.

This is what i got

turnigy plush esc 25 amps
turnigy 1100kv motor
apm 2.5 with latest firmware
4s lifepo4 battery
Turnigy 9 channel tx and rx

this is what i have done

re calibrated esc (didnt work)
replaced esc with turnigy plush 30a (didnt work)
used different radio and rx ( same old…)
re route wires (trying to avoid magnetic field interference)

I am powering the board with the escs. Got the jp1 bridge connected. Also I have a servo connected to one of the channels in my receiver

Check out the video


any suggestions? any crazy idea is welcome.

I am trying to read the logs but i still can figure out how to…

Ill be trying with a lipo batt tomorrow to see what happens…



tried with a lipo batt instead of my lifepo4 and it flys like it should