Quadcopter flips on takeoff

Bear with me, I’m completely new to UAV/multirotors. I have a 2014 3DRobotics DIY quad that I can’t get off the ground. On my first takeoff attempt the quad immediately flipped to the left. All props were correctly placed. The ESC to the right rear motor was overheating so was replaced courtesy of the outstanding customer support folks at 3DRobotics. With the new ESC in place I recalibrated the ESCs per the method used for the Iris quad on Arducopter.com. On my second attempt to takeoff today, all appeared to be going well, but at liftoff the quad now flipped to the right. I’m now on the sidelines waiting for new props and a new GPS mast to come in the mail from 3DRobotics.

When the new props come I plan to recalibrate everything, accelerometers, compass, ESCs, RC. Is there anything else I might consider? Thanks in advance for any help.

I always get back to the basics and do a motor test in terminal. See if the right motors are firing at the right sequence and direction.

Didn’t know that was possible to do. I’ll give it a try later this week. Thank you.

Success! I went more basic than you suggested and went back to the assembly instructions and found out that we had mislabeled the two front arms as to right and left. Also, when I was troubleshooting the bad ESC, the 3DR folks suggested I hook up the hot ESC to the other (rear) motor as a test. When I replaced the hot ESC, I hooked it to the other motor, so we had a complete right/left reversal. Had the best time flying the quad tonight. Thanks for your help.