Quadcopter f450 with apm 2.6 not taking off

I am having a f450 frame quadcopter with apm 2.52 with external gps and compass, the radio is flysky fsct6b, with 1400kv motors and 30 A esc’s…
I have done all the part of calibration… Along with esc calibration… But when i go out for a flight… Increase the throttle slowly… the motors rotate agressively and the copter doesn’t takes off… The copter doesn’t move… Even i checked the props orientation… And it was ok… I dont know where is the problem… Is there a pid tuning needed… If yess then recommend me pid values for f450 quad…

So in Stabilize mode you pushed your throttle stick to maximum and copter didn’t take off?
Were your motors hot after that? What size is your props?

I didnt took the throttle to max bcz… Going till 60 % it made very agressive nosie… I i got afraid that if it would just takeoff and smash to the ground so i stopped … And yes after that the motors were hot… Also the battery exhausted very fast… In just few seconds from 12.0 to 11.5 v dropped… The size of my props is 1045… Its the same size that is used for this frame… And also i was in altitude hold mode… Not in stablize mode

All of my copters requitre a blip of throttle to around 75-80% to take off cleanly.It’s something you get used to doing.The flight controller is only any good at stabilization when it’s in clean air.I always launch in stabilize unless running an auto mission.Try giving it a large handful of throttle and then backing off quickly to half throttle.It should jump in the air and then hover.Altitude hold mode gives very poor response to the throttle.

Which battery are you using - 3S - 4S ?

Personally I’d think the 1400kv motors want smaller props.Running 10 inch props on 3 or 4 S on a normal 450 set up would point to 800-1000kv motors.Higher voltage would require smaller props.Big props on high kv motors = heat.You could try some 8 inch props.

Voltage drop is not unusual.A Multistar battery will sag at least a whole volt on connection.It’s about what you have to put back in not what voltage it dropped to.

I’d say give it a large handfull for take off and see what happens.Maybe have a wall to duck behind just in case.I’d do this in a large open area or with a fire extinguisher close at hand.

Hey jagger… Thanks for the suggestions about keeping quad in stabalize mode and abt the throttle thing… I will try it… Hope it will work.
Mine battery is 3S 2200 mah 35C…
And also the thing about props and motors configuration… I know it… Inspite i have seen other peoples quad with same motors and same props but the difference was only flight controller… It was kk2.1

Hey,there’s nothing wrong with experimenting. :smiley: