QuadCopter draining ridiculously much energy even before flight

Our quadrotor draining too much power even before the flight, it’s very high (between 17-19 amperes). What causes this?

Are you sure that’s real? Have you tried testing the idle current with a multimeter between the battery and the vehicle?
My guess is that your current sensor needs calibration.
If it’s real, then you have a short or bad component on your copter… But at that much power, I’d expect whatever it is would be HOT, so you’d probably notice.

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Thank you I’ll try to calibrate the current sensor. I tried to find a hot component in my circuit system, temeprature on apm, power module and wiring is feels normal. While I was outside, trying to make a flight plan I’ve heard the beeping sound of motors which is about low battery percentage. So that’s why I am so convinced the value is real. Thank you again.

That can’t be correct. There would be smoke coming out of something drawing 17A in a craft that’s not flying. The easiest way to calibrate the current sensor is to use the mah consumed from the log vs. the mah put back into the battery back to a full charge then change the BAT_AMP_PERVLT parameter ratiometrically.

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