Quadcopter crash because catastrophic power failure (hardware issue)

Good day all,

I was test flying my copter last weekend in Loiter and PosHold to see how if fly’s and for same reason when I let go of the forward stick it just falls out of the sky. Please help me read the files, I have no clue how to reading the graphs.

My setup:
4 x 3508-580kv
4 x Racerstar RS30A Blheli_S
1355 Carbon Propellers
480mm Cross Motor Dimension
FC Radiolink Mini Pix V1.0ii Firmware 3.5.8
8500mah 4S Lipo Battery
Weight is with battery 2.3kg
Skydroid T10 Remote

I have read a lot of post over the last couple of days and upgraded my firmware 4.0.3.
Any help will be grateful.

There is always a reason. You had a catastrophic power failure, it started falling and logging stopped. Mechanical failure or maybe the power module.


Thanks Dave,

After the crash I have check the battery and it was on 15.8v. I will check my connectors and make sore every thing is connected properly.

Dave if I may ask which program do you use to view the logs?

I used APM Planner 2 here.

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Thanks, going to try it.

There is also a new log analyzer.

Thx Dave, This is a lot better than Mission Planner log view.