Quadcopter cansat deployment using apm2.8

Hey Everyone,

So i have a cansat that will be deployed to an altitude of 120m by a water rocket. At the apogee, the cansat will be deployed and the rotors of the quadcopter will open up like a cylinder opening its side. I wish i could add photos here to show my design.

Anyway, i have bought these so far APM2.8 ArduPilot Flight Controller+6M GPS+915Mhz Telemetry+ Power Module RC150.

I want to set my ardupilot mission planner in such a way that it only starts moving its rotors at the time of deployment and also then autonomously land back to the ground using the GPS signal.

Also, i want to add extra sensors to get the acceleration profile, and temperature and pressure (BME280) to the APM2.8. and also store the output values in a file somehow. like a database on board

Also, attached will be a camera onboard which needs its data to be saved

Please comment on how we can make this happen?
loking forward to your help. thanks

Pls read about Throw mode

sure thing.

any inputs on using sensors that are not inbuilt APM2.8 like the BME280 and displaying them?

I’m not an expert !. What about using another arduino with WiFi or something like that IF the weight permits.

I didn’t get your idea clearly. APM 2.8 has a barometric pressure sensor. I think it is MS5611-01BA03. correct me if I’m wrong. Just a thought !
Can’t we get air pressure and temp from the sensor with some coding. The experts have to come in.