QuadCopter begginer hardware

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently started tinkering with ArduPilot using SITL and I’ve decided to go to the next step and buy a drone to experiment with. The thing is, I have no knowledge of where I should start.

I aim to create a GPS fail-safe system, so that the drone can go back to launch if the GPS signal is lost. I’ve been working on this for a bit on ArduCopter 3.6. I’m currently running the tests on SITL on a Ubuntu 18.04, and I’d like to buy a drone to proceed with testing.

I have read a bit about a few setups, such as using the navio2 and a raspberry pi 3b alongside it, but I don’t know if I really need a companion computer or if I should just get the pixhawk board and keep it that way. I’d also like to know if I can hookup these boards to any drone, since could possibly use a friends drone for testing.

Overall I’m not very knowledgeable about the subject and I don’t have much money to spend on new hardware. (My current budget is 200€)

Does anyone have any suggestions for a newbie?

Thanks in advance!

The budget is not much
Something like this could be a good point to start
But the radio is not included
My cons is to have a flight controller not RPI or navio. If you follow every step in ardupilot will not be difficult to start

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First and foremost, thank you very much for your swift response! I’m sorry for the late reply.
I’ll take a look into it, although I can’t really increase my budget due to the current situation, I might still be able to afford something!

Thanks for the help, I was actually looking into navio, but it seems like pixelhawk will do the job just fine!