Quad Kit help!

let me start of by saying I’m a novice when it comes to this wonderful world of drones and flight based RC’s, however I have been running RC cars for well over 10 years. I recently became the proud owner of a 3dr quad kit. After putting the quad together and getting ready to actually power it on, the transmitter I bought ( Futaba T10J w/ R3008SB) was not compatible with the current firmware of the pixhawk. After a bit of research, I found that the latest beta 3.2r2 was working with s-bus and was able to complete the RC calibration. Finally the big moment! I take it outside to make sure everything is functioning properly, the arming was successful and it got a gps lock. I gave it a little gas and it instantly flipped over. I disarmed it and restarted it, this time holding it down. I start moving the right stick around but it does not sound like any of the motors are slowing down. I tried moving the yaw, roll and pitch but none of the motors slowed down, only throttle and the flight control switch seemed to do anything. This morning I re-downloaded the firmware and went through the calibration process again, and still nothing. any ideas?


  1. i have no steering only throttle and flight mode selection. i am expecting to be able to fly this thing myself when in stabilize mode.

Model: 3DR Quad Kit
Autopilot: 3DR PixHawk
Radio: Futaba T10J w/ R3008SB receiver.
battery: 4s 3700 Mah Lipo

  1. I’m using version 3.2r2 since the current stable version does not support s-bus

4.see attached log file.

hope this helps, i would really love to see this thing flying this weekend.

i re-calibrated again and disconnected the OSD system from the pixhawk and had no success. i attached a new log of that run. again no steering at all. please help :frowning:

Hi knightwolf654,

Did you confirmed the motor spin directions?
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … r_diagrams

[mf]3DR Hardware Support/X4, Y6 and X8[/mf]
Here you will get better support with the log analysis.

yes, all motors are spinning in the correct directions and the props are on the correct motors.

a few other things i noticed, at about 1/2 throttle i get a tiny bit of steering capability, but not enough to keep it from flipping, and when it alt hold mode it take at-least half throttle to get the motors to start spinning. any thing below half after that the motors just turn on and off. i’m going to have to tie this thing down, it took off and headed straight for me, one of the blades hit my knee. all i can say is OUCH!

any ideas anyone? is there a sensitivity setting somewhere for the controls? i have some control at half throttle but nothing below it. could a ppm converter fix my situation or could i have set something up wrong? any guidance would be extremely helpful!

i went into CLI and ran tests all, i had one fail. it says:
file /fs/mtd_params not found, aborting MTD test.
i googled it and searched the forms but did not find any solutions to fix this error. any ideas?


it turns out the culprit was nothing on the aircraft, but my laptop. the current version of APM Planner does not play well with kubuntu 14.04. i switched to another laptop running windows 8.1 and mission planner and flashed the pixhawk back down to version 3.1.5 and ran through the calibration. i then flashed it back up to 3.2 and ran the calibration again and finally it took off with full steering! :smiley: ,now to get more battery’s.