Quad crash with "non damped mode" disabled

Note that the big hole in the disc does not actually fit over the motor spindle, it’s too small in diameter. :-S

Right. Remove the thread adapter. Well perhaps not. Those came with a 3 bolt thread adapter And a t-style washer? Hopefully there are some tapped holes that align with the washer clearance holes. If not I don’t know what you have.

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Website blurb says “each motor also comes with a direct mounting prop adapter so that you can use our direct mount propellers with this motor”

Image of the full motor box of bits:

Take off the prop adapter and see if there are tapped holes in the motor that line up with the washer. If so, buy T-style props. You get this right? Props fit on and pilot on the center hole. Washer goes on over that and the 2 screws, usually M3, secure it.

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Yes, there do appear to be what you say:

Thanks for the tip. If/when I knacker these props I will go straight to the T-style and disable non damped mode.

Please feel free to download the flight log from below:

It’s a zip. Password is my username. Thanks.