Quad Copter reverse

Hi. I am new to the quadcopter. I started flying a cheap quad copter and have build a larger quad copter and can not get it to behave the same. Regardless of what way I move the pitch, it always moves forward. I want to be able to pull back on the pitch and have it fly backwards, when I push forward on the stick, I want it to move forward. That way if I am flying into the side of my house, I don’t have to turn it around 180 degrees to avoid the disaster…

I assume this is possible, but I can not find the setting for this anywhere or I don’t understand what its called.

I am currently configured in the + configuration, but I am thinking of going with the x configuration since that is how my cheap quad flies and I like that a little better. I have a ton of other questions, but I just want to get this fixed and then I will start trying to figure out the rest.


Have you calibrated your R/C transmitter such that it can pass these tests: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/radio-testing/
Then can your multicopter perform these modes in the Arducopter Wiki instructions: copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flight … ple-modes/

I have done the calibration multiple times. everything works fine on the simulator the pitch channel goes up and down on the strip chart. It responds fine with forward and reverse pitch on the stick, it just always goes forward. I figured it was a safety setting or something. Still need to figure out how to go in reverse… Thanks, Charlie