Quad copter crash after EKF fault

Hello everyone.

Took my Quad out today for some test flying. Was playing around with pid settings in Qgroundcontrol. Took off in stabilized and and switched over to poshold. Brought the copter down in poshold to about 2 meters above the ground when it suddenly did a snap roll to the right and crashed.

I am attaching the logfiles if any one can be so kind enough to look at it to help me figure out what went wrong.log_21_2017-7-9-12-07-13.bin (748.0 KB)


It seems that you had a mechanical failure. How are your motors/ESCs/props? Take a look at Roll vs DesRoll, Pitch vs DesPitch and Yaw vs DesYaw and you’ll see that before the crash these were not following their desired values.

Hope it helps!


Hello Javier.

My gut feeling also says mechanical. Tested the motors without any props twice last night and they seen fine. Only thing I can think of might be a prop that came loose a little bit but those EKF problems worry me a bit.

Incidentally the EKF errors only appear at my friends house. This is the second time I have seen an EKF error and only when I am flying at his place.