QQ on Power module with Pixhawl (6600mAh)

I set up my Power Module as seen here with my Pixhawk (and 4S 6600mAh battery).

APM Planner indicates 98% battery which seems high compared to what I read on a battery tester: 15.58v - 59%

If you reselect the options in order to monitor for voltage and current, followed by sensor, followed by apm version it should set the correct voltage and divider ratio.

You can then calibrate it to be more accurate following the guide here copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … ge_reading

As a side, that config page needs to be reworkd, as its not very intuitive.

Tried that on RC3 & RC5 of APM Planner 2.0 (Mac & Win) both through 3DR Radio & direct USB link. While it keeps my “Enter Know Battery Voltage”, the Measure Current is still blank and the battery % in the HUD still reads 98%. Tried with the 3.1.x and the next update (3.1.2 if I recall?).

Anything else you feel I should try? Any way I can help diagnose?

(BTW, I have never been able to update the firmware with APM Planner 2.0 RC3 or RC5 on Mac or PC, I have to resort to the old Mission Planner MAV 1.0 to do so).

I’ll check the current reading box tomorrow.

As for battery percentage. It always starts at 100% when you plug in the battery and drops based on the total mAh set. If you unplug and re plug the battery its reset to 100%. The idea is that you only use fully charged packs. If you start with a half charged pack, you need to modify the battry capacity property

Understood about the battery %. Let me know about the current.

Any update on the current field?

I would let the Measured current field untouched, this field seems to be there to do current sensor calibration the same way the voltage calibration is done. But while there is no information of the use of the measured current field, if you want to do the current sensor calibration then you can follow the method on the video which uses the “Amperes per volt” field.