QioTek ZealotH743 Camera PPK Integration

I will integrate the QioTek ZelotH743 module into the GPS PPK and hotsue camera. Which channel pin to attach this integration to autopilot?

Any inputs should be connected to Channel 9 or above (i.e. AUX pins). Ch1-8 are one way channels. These channels do not support input, but only output.

Set SERVOn_ FUNCTION to -1, disable the output function, and then the camera trigger pin is defined as the channel pin of the wiring pin by setting CAM_FEEDBACK_PIN according to which AUX pin you used.

For example if the camera is connected to pin 9, set SERVO9_FUNCTION = -1 and then set CAM_FEEDBACK_PIN = 58.
or if the camera is connected to pin 14, set SERVO14_FUNCTION = -1 and then set CAM_FEEDBACK_PIN = 63.

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