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QGroundControl version 3.3 available

(DonLakeFlyer) #1

Here is a very high level and non-exhaustive list of new features added to QGroundControl in version 3.3. Not to mention the large number of bug fixes in this release.

  • Settings
    • Local NMEA GPS device support.
    • Video Recording save settings.*
    • Parameter Editor - Searching updates as you type characters for near immediate response to searches.
    • Joystick - Android joystick support.
  • Plan
    • NEW - Structure Scan Pattern - Create a multi-layered flight pattern that captures images over vertical surfaces (polygonal or circular). Used for 3d model generation or vertical surface inspection.
    • Fixed Wing Landing Pattern - You can now adjust the distance from the loiter to land point by either distance or glide slope fall rate.
    • PX4 GeoFence and Rally Point support.
    • Terrain height display in lower Mission Item altitude display
  • Fly
    • Start/Stop video recording.
    • Better display of vehicle icons when connected to multiple vehicles.
    • Multi-Vehicle View supports commands which apply to all vehicles.
    • Displays vehicles reported from ADS-B sensor.
  • Analyze
    • Mavlink console - New support for communicating with Mavlink console.
    • Log Download - Moved from Menu to Analyze view.

Docs and Downloads here:

(Corrado Steri) #2

Maybe a stupid question. Is joystick for ardupilot supported on this version?

Is there any version (windows, android…) where ardupilot joystick is supported?



(DonLakeFlyer) #3

Yes I believe it is. You need a version of ArduPilot firmware which supports MANUAL_CONTROL which I think the newer ones do.

(***) #4

Hey Don,

Does Qgroundcontrol have terrain following available now for the survey missions, I have been following some of the requests on github but am still unsure if terrain following is added yet. Thanks for making a planning software that operates on all OS!!

(DonLakeFlyer) #5

Not yet. But I am currently working on it. Should show up in daily builds in about a month.

(Chris Olson) #6

My Android version updated to 3.3 the other day. I’m liking it a lot.

What would we need to do to get Android to support loading firmware? I use a 13" tablet with a full-size USB port and it will actually power a PH2.1 from the USB port.

(DonLakeFlyer) #7

I think that is going to be way off in the future. Serial Port support in QGC Android is a real nightmare and currently prevents this from being possible.

(Chris Olson) #8

I thought it might be possible since I can connect to the Pixhawk 2.1 with no problems with a USB cable.

(Amilcar Lucas) #9

By the way, do you decode and display each bit from a mavlink message field with display=“bitmask” attribute ?
Are you using the unit attributes to convert from SI to imperial units ?

(DonLakeFlyer) #10

None of that is implemented.

(Ben Reich) #11


Any plans to allow display of more than one vehicles?


(chris rey) #12

@DonLakeFlyer, since 3.2.X the main menu buttons are no more displayed, but still able to click on the area they normally should appear. using latest Windows 10 home insider preview.

(Jesper) #13

Does this version support reverses for Ardurover with virtual joystick? I know this topic have been up before, but can’t find if this version support it or not.

(Corrado Steri) #14

Trying to test 3.3 a bit but it tells me it can’t download parameters from arducopter.

Using firmware 3.5.5

Mission Planner works and communicates fine with pixhawk so i guess it is not a configuration issue.

I am connecting trough udp.

Any idea?


(DonLakeFlyer) #15

Multiple vehicles has been supported for years now.

(DonLakeFlyer) #16

I think someone has figure this out already. Can you put in a GitHub Issue and then we can track down from there. You cal also try the alternate startup links which use OpenGL in different wayts.

(DonLakeFlyer) #17

I believe the latest versions of ArduRover support MANUAL_CONTROL message which turn means virtual joystick should work.

(DonLakeFlyer) #18

Can you enter a GitHub Issue and then we can try some debugging options top figure out what is going on.

(Ben Reich) #19

Is there an explanation on how to show multiple vehicles? The only way I got to see multiple vehicles is with mission planner.


(DonLakeFlyer) #20

Just connect to multiple vehicles. Keeping in mind each vehicle needs a unique id.