QGroundControl Switch Options Description; How to remove initial Guided Flight Mode after takeoff; How to make drone responsive to only the RC and not require the usage of the takeoff slide?

Hello, I’m very new to drone configuration and QGroundControl, so I have a few questions:

  1. Is there any resource that provides descriptions of each available switch option in the Flight Modes menu in QGroundControl? I’m not talking about the available Flight Modes, but the other input options for the remaining channels such as Simple Mode or Sprayer or Acro Trainer and the rest.

  2. Is there any way to turn off the initial change into Guided Mode when the takeoff slide is used in QGroundControl? No matter the flight mode the drone is in initially, after the takeoff slide is confirmed and the altitude height chosen, it switches to Guided Mode (I imagine since the drone is trying to automatically reach said chosen initial height). This is a problem for me as Guided Mode requires a GPS Lock, so the drone fails to arm in the location I am currently in, disabling the takeoff. If I needed to, I would like to be able to avoid the need for a GPS lock, which is why I ask this question.

  3. How can the drone be configured to where it doesn’t require a confirmation from QGroundControl to takeoff or not, but responds only to the input from the RC (meaning, say, the throttle is simply turned on, so the motors begin to spin, and the drone responds normally to all pitch, roll, and yaw input as allowed by the current flight mode)? Additionally, can this be done while still being able to carry out a predetermined mission that was uploaded to the CubeOrange autopilot (my chosen autopilot and flight controller) through QGroundControl when switched to an automatic flight mode (like Auto)?

Thank you, and let me know if I need to provide any other information or clarify a question.

Hello @Yewokem

  1. Check the ArduCopter Docs about the usage of each flight mode and how to properly configure and use every flight mode: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/flight-modes.html;
  2. I think it is not possible. The thing is that the takeoff command is already executed in Guided Flight mode, so it does require GPS Signal to do it, since it is being fully commanded by GCS. In order to perform takeoff and fly without any GPS Signal you will need to fly in Stabilize flight mode controlling it via RC;
  3. Yes, it is possible. Be sure that your RC inputs are calibrated and perform a normal flight, arming/disarming it via sticks. About the predefined missions, you will still need a GPS installed on it as I said in topic 2, but since you have GPS receiver and signal, it is pretty straightforward to do this.

I think toy can specify in which mode you can start at parameters if that is the case for no2, no1 is already answered i dont have answer for no3.

Thank you for the response, @BrunoBagarini

  1. As I tried to make clear in the question, I wasn’t talking about the description and function of the different Flight Modes but the other Switch options listed to the right of the Flight Mode selector in QGroundControl. I tried to give examples of the options to better illustrate what I’m asking; things like Acro Trainer, Sprayer, Relay On/Off, Motor Emergency, and so on. All of these are for channel options 6-16, not channels 1-8 for flight modes. This may have been made unclear as I listed Simple Mode, which is a special flight mode not available to select in the actual Flight Mode selector. Sorry about that.

  2. and 3. This answers my question. I also found out that, at least for the Taranis X9D-Plus, there’s an additional arming process that had to be done which was to hold the throttle at idle and to the right. I was not aware of this, and now the drone can fly independently of QGroundControl’s Takeoff slide.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Some of them are obvious, some are listed here:
Aux Functions

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