QGC - Tripped at the Starting Gate? (Frame Type for Trad Heli?)

Using QGC v.3.5.6, I just loaded ChibiOS - Heli: ArduCopter V3.6.11 (stable) on my brand new mRo Pixracer R15. I was expecting to pick an airframe from a page of colorful graphics. Instead…I was presented with this menu for airframe selection:

I have NO CLUE what a traditional flybarred 450 sized heli should be classified as far as FRAME TYPE. Could not find answer in the Wiki nor this site. Help anyone?

For giggles, I erased the Arducopter Flight Stack and loaded the PX4 firmware. At least QGC presented the cool graphics I expected:

For traditional heli, the ONLY choice was a Blade 130x…no other traditional heli options?
What am I missing?
For the record…I plan to use ArduCopter flight stack after I get over this hurdle.

Thanks to all,

There is no frame type for heli. That setting does not apply. You can set it to anything you want, and it won’t make any difference. In the wiki it says.


Thank you for straightening me out on this, Chris. Honestly surprised I missed it, but sure enough on this page:

I found words similar to the text you copied at the below noted URL. Follow on questions:

  1. Am I at the right address for the correct Wiki?
    What URL page did you take your text from? Just want to be sure we are looking at the same wiki.

  2. Any thoughts on why PX4 firmware only offered the Blade 130x for “traditional” heli? The fact that there were no other choices concerns me about the process or should I say my comprehension of the process.

Thank you.

Yes, we’re looking at the same wiki. I just took mine from the full parameter list on the wiki.

PX4 is developed separately from ArduPilot. They are not the same project. PX4 does not officially support helicopters.

QGC daily builds are hugely better for trad-heli

Chris and Don,
Thank you for your great advice. Being new to this field. . . do you think I should stick with the stable firmware release (HELI: v.3.6.11)…or dive into the deep end with ArduCopter HELI: V. 4.0 (rc-1).

Seems like there are pros and cons for either going either route and as time marches on, suspect us TRAD HELI guys will move to 4.x sooner or later. For me, ArduCopter Heli is an intensive mental learning endeavor, not a mission critical pursuit. However…like most, I’m not fond of crashing, rebuilding, flying…repeat.


If you need the governor, then 4.0 will be better. If you don’t need the governor, then stick with 3.6 for now as 4.0 is still in beta. The heli code in 4.0 is thoroughly vetted and tested. The rest of 4.0 is not.