Pymavlink module not found error?

I encountered a file not found error while trying to run using Cygwin terminal. However, I have checked that pymavlink is already installed… why is this error occuring??

python2 vs python3 maybee?

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I tried typing pip2 install pymavlink and pip3 install pymavlink. pip2 install is not recognized by Cygwin as a valid command; and a crazy error occurred when I entered pip3 install:
It just keeps refreshing the version number of pymavlink all the way from 2.4.15 to 2.4.4 …I don’t know what’s going on. I have checked that Cygwin is indeed in my system environmental variable. I thought moving the arducopter soure file to a disk other than disk C will fix the issue, but it’s not working either.

try these commands :

  1. python -m pip install pymavlink
  2. cd Tools/autotest
  3. python --map --console
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I guess you’ve followed the instructions here for installing using cygwin?

I’ve recently built a computer and followed the instructions for WSL, cygwin and eclipse (wiki landing page is here) and got it all working. I know the WSL instructions are working well.