PX4flow Loiter mode went out of control

I’ve followed everything from https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-px4flow-overview.html.
*I’m flying using the PX4flow and its built in Range finder. I used this website to set up the Range Finder and it seem to work fine if I fly it below 7 meter https://www.lambdrive.com/depot/Robotics/Controller/Firmware/ArduPilot/OpticalFlow.html.

  • Im also flying this outside on a textured surface with plenty of daylight.
    *I got all of the graphs to be as similar as possible.
  • First flight test with EK2_GPS_TYPE: 0. Both of my BodyY and BodyX were consistent with IMU.GyrX and Y
  • The second test flight, set EK2_GPS_TYPE: 3. when flying with LOITER, the drone get wild and crashed.
    I’ve been working with the px4flow for more than a month and it seem like nothing is working at this point. Someone please help.

Please post your log. I’ve gotten it to work on a few copters in the past.

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Here are my logs. I was flying the 450 Tarot outdoor with a mat on the surface to create a different texture. However, the optical flow was not being responsive at all.

I’ve sent my logs. could you take a look?

I checked a couple logs. Please specify a single log to look at.

I looked at a couple random logs. One had a battery and throttle failsafe. The other had a bunch of EKF error messages.

Sorry about that. I think this log would be more helpful to look at since its contain most data, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HbXrutMD_B1YKzWAY3BBi3ohrVOgvzCP/view?usp=sharing. However, I think I know where the error might be. I believe it has to do with the EKF and IMU. Whenever test flying, EKF primary keep changing from 0 to 1. I think there is an inconstancy between the Px4flow and the Pixhawk. I also receive an error said “error pos vert variance”.

Update to 4.0.3 and see if that helps.