px4 fmu

Hello I need help.
I set my Quadcopter with the Mission Planner, is running only the engines has speed to take off.
I once had a CC3D and moved to PX4, on my first flying it well and lasted 10 minutes flight.
Any possible configuration for the engines has more speed …!


  • T-Engine AIR GEAR 350 Set
  • Motor 920KV AIR2213 (x 4)
  • Prop T9545 (CCW CW 2 + 2) (9.5 x 4.5) (x 4)
  • ESC AIR20A 600Hz 3-4s NO BEC (x4)
  • Plate energy distribution
  • Multicoptero FPV
  • Battery Alarm
  • Battery V8 series 3s 5000mah 30C (DP5000XP30-3S)
  • Flight controller – Pixhawk / PX4 FMU v2.4.5
  • GPS UBlox M8N 10Hz
  • 3DR Radio telemetric
  • Pixhawk/PPZ/MK/MWC - PPM Encoder (*)


  • Issuer: JR - 6 Channel Model - XP652
  • Receiver: R600


Hello, I need help.
I discovered something important.
Once you have calibrated all, including the ESC. Remember Me, to calibrate the engines, I had 100% of the power in the engines. Bad when I try to fly I have 10% of power in the engines.

As it happens this. How can I change and where to have 100% of the motor / ESC in flight.

You can see my video: