PX4+current sensor = problemm

Currently I’m instaling my px4(px4fmu+px4io) оn my hexa with 6S.
I used Attopilot 90A sensor. For Voltage i’m using pin10 for current pin101.
Voltage works ok. I also was able to calibrate it for correct readings. But current always shows 0A.
I tried to use multimeter to check voltage at this pin. It works I’ve got some milivolts on it if i rise current.
So i think problem somewhere it board (hardware or software)
Also I fount interestinf links about this problem.
Open Issue https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/issues/653
And posible fix for it. https://github.com/totaltmega/PX4Firmware/commit/c08af3473325a92d3576576d1e028403776540b1
Anyone can help me?

i had the same problem. no idea why it doesn’t work. i ended up using the ardupilot firmware, and i switched pins (i forget which ones, i can look it up if you want). it seemed to work ok after that.