PWM restrictions (800-2200 in Arducopter)

Pixhawk’s PWM cycle time (ESC commands) is 2.5ms, while the commanded PWM can only be in range of 800-2200, as per Arducopter code. I am trying to understand the reason behind it, as to why I cannot have a PWM range between 0-2500?
I am trying to use a cheap ESC which runs at cycle frequency of 2.5 ms, with Pulse width duration range from 0 to 2.5 ms.
In case I want to change operating range from 800-2200 to 0-2500, what changes in code shall be done

I think there is a parameter to change the PWM type from RC to RAW pwm. Have you looked for it?


Got it. Perhaps there is a parameter. But any idea if the Pixhawk is capable to give pulse widths varying from 0 to 2000 microsecs, for it’s 2500 microsecs duty cycle?