PWM output to ESCs not changing

I have a very strange issue I hope someone can help with. My hex has been flying just fine, but I was getting some jello in the onboard video, so I decided to balance the motors and props again, so I disconnected everything from the end of the Pixhawk (all RC in and out). Power to the pixhawk was still connected during this process, which took about 2 hours.

after putting it back together again, The Hex would arm just fine, but when I give it throttle, it would just sit there.

If you look on the status page in mission planner, I see where the pixhawk thinks it is outputting all 6 RC channels, but in fact their outputs are unchanged. They are outputting a PWM signal, but with a very low duty cycle. This means I didnt accidently blow up the output drivers or anything.

If I connect the ESCs directly to another receiver they work fine.

It seems like is some sort of strange software issue, like the hardware is pointing to the wrong address for the PWM output buffer.

I reprogrammed the firmware again and reloaded the parameter file, but no change in behavior.

here is a video showing the issue:

Does anyone have any ideas? I am grounded until I can get this resolved.

wow… im too stupid to live… I had the speed controllers plugged into the AUX port… duh…

sorry to clutter up the forum… feel free to delete this thread.