PWM output on AUX channels

I’m using Pixhawk 2.4.8 hardware and can’t figure out how to get a PWM output from the AUX 1 output.

The SETUP screen shows that the receiver is getting the proper signal on RC_8.

I’m using RC channel 8 for the input, and I have tried every setting that I can think of to (basically) get that channel to pass-through to AUX1. I have changed the BRD_SAFETY mask to allow channels 8, 9 &10 to operate before the safety switch is pressed. I have set RC8_OPTION to “0” (do nothing), and Servo9 (I assume that is AUX1) to 58 (RCIN8). But I get nothing out. Are the AUX outputs incapable of PWM?

I was thinking that BRD_PWM_COUNT is no longer used, so that can’t be the answer.

I know I’m missing something - but What?

AUX1 is servo 9. pixhawk has 14 outputs, 1-8 main outputs and aux1-6 as as outputs 9-14

The RC channel should be set for ‘RC Passthru’. I had a similar issue with gimbal control on an IRIS+, which uses RC input from channel 6. In my case, then entering ‘56’ for Servo9 linked the PWM (from a knob) → AUX1 (Servo9).

Thanks, I’ll try it.