Proper way to setup swashplate

Hi all,

I have setup my swashplates on my hellis using the wiki and to me it feels my hellis are flying okay but i want to make sure that i am not doing something wrong. So here is what i did:

1)Using a servo test tool, put my servo in neutral position and tried to make the servo arm as horizontal as possible by selecting different spine positions.

2)Then after connecting to the mission planner, I set H_SV_MAN to 3 to have the swashplate move to the mid position and then adjusted the SERVO1_TRIM , SERVO2_TRIM, and SERVO3_TRIM until the arms are horizontal (in other words perpendicular).

3)Then level the swash plate physically by adjusting the linkage.

4)While H_SV_MAN was at 3,I adjusted H_COL_MID so that blades are at 0 thrust position.

5)Then I Set H_SV_MAN to 2 and adjusted H_COL_MAX to get blades at +ve 10 deg pitch

6)Then I Set H_SV_MAN to 4 and adjusted H_COL_MIN to get blades at -ve 2 deg pitch.

I never touched servo linearizing H_SW_LIN_SVO parameter and its still at “0”.

Did I setup correctly by the procedure i followed? Please suggest. Thanks.

One more thing i noticed that why i get 1522 on servo output for servo 1,2,3 when i set manual servo mode to ‘mid collective’? Shouldn’t be I getting 1500 on the servo outputs? My MIN on servo output page is set to 1000,trim to 1500 and max to 2000.

Sounds OK. no negative pitch ?
Radio should be set to 100% travel with trims at zero.
it is good to use the Min,Mid.Max to also configure tail rotor servo position

Yes i am running negative 2.5~3 pitch on my heli.

But i have redone my setup using linearizing servo output. I was doing wrong in my previous setup as
I was not making sure that my 0 deg pitch is @ H_Col_Mid @1500 and H_SV_MAN in mid_collective mode.My 0 deg pitch was around at 1650us.

I redid my setup. First I made sure that my servo arms at as close to 90 deg with the servo case and then used servo trim function to fine tune the arms. Then I had to adjust the ‘swash to the blade’ linkages to get 0 deg pitch @H_Col_Mid at 1500us while H_SV_MAN in Mid_collective mode.

Now i get 0 deg pitch while H_Col_Mid right at 1500us.I then enabled linearize servo parameter. So far it flies okay but i will tune my rate parameters again.