Proper method to tune a plane with huge control throws?

What is the proper method to limit the control throws in Arduplane?

I’m using APM in a plane with large control throws. I use 3 rates on my transmitter, flying normally in mid or low, and leaving high for extreme aerobatics.

Initially I calibrated my transmitter in Mission Planner with the rates set at high. When flying in loiter mode, I notice that Arduplane over corrects on the ailerons, causing twitching.

So now I recalibrated my transmitter in Mission Planner using low rates (50%). I think it’ll fly better this way, but is this really how throws should be limited in Arduplane or are there some settings that I’ve missed?

I also hope that my real stick limits won’t confuse Arduplane in some modes, for example autotune, if they are way more than the calibrated limits in MP.

For autonomous flight rather don’t use different rates as you might for normal RC flying. It will complicate matters. Just set it up to fly with one set of rates and leave it like that.

If I can’t use rates with Arduplane, then I’ll set my transmitter to use 100% throws (and calibrate it as such in MP) because I don’t want to fly an aerobatically crippled aircraft in manual mode. Then I’ll be back at my 1st question.

Anyway, Arduplane can’t know about my rates so I don’t see how that can complicate anything unless Arduplane can freak out if my channel input ranges are larger than the calibrated ranges (assuming I calibrate while in low rates).