Prolems getting started with Seagull REC2 und Aux5 to 6

Hello everyone, I’m coming to you now, because I seem to be missing some basic information.

I started to switch from DJI to Cube Orange with Herelink in November, so I’m completely new to the ArduCopter. Now I have read all the documentation pages several times, but I am currently stuck with 2 points that are essential for me, so I now hope for your support.

On the one hand, I am currently trying to put a Seagull REC2 in combination with a Sony A5100 into operation with my Cube Orange via SBUS. Unfortunately, I fail because of a basic understanding. I’ve never installed a Seagull and can’t get it to work. I don’t know if it’s the connection between the cam and Seagull, the setting within the FC or wrong operation.
When I connect to the MissionPlanner, under Data / Messages:
“02/16/2021 11:50:06 AM: Lua: No scripts to run”
Is this normal or is it an indication that something is wrong here? - When the script was installed, the “scripts” folder was not available either, I created it manually. No idea whether that was right or wrong.
Is there a way to see the status of the SBUS outputs, for example using a terminal command? With this I hope to be able to narrow down the error a bit.

As an alternative solution I have now tried to put the servo outputs into operation, but I also fail here.
I selected 1 “PassTrough” under Servo_Function, this also works with the exception of the outputs AUX 5 & 6, I read and implemented the note with Relay_PIN1 & 2 to -1, I also set the BRD_PWM_Count to 6, but without success.

I would be very grateful for tips and help!

Best regards,