Programming APM 2 with arduino


We have to build a quad copter for a school project.
here for we got a flamewheel f450 set and an APM2 board.
We now want to be able to program this board using arduino.
None of us have ever worked with arduino before.
Here for we want to try the basic programs on this board like this one :
We are a little confused with the 3 pins this board has and where we should connect the led in this tutorial.
So i would like to know if it is possible to program this board in arduino instead of using the mission planer
and if it is possible to do these simple programs or is this board only made for making the engines of the quad copter work?

Hope for a quick response
Greetings Hannes De Bie

Since you want to program your APM without using the MP, you will need this modified Arduino IDE: to compile the Ardupilot source code for downloading to the APM.

If you just want to blink an led on the APM, you can program the APM using the latest Arduino IDE. However, you will have to consult the APM schematic to see what pins the onboard LEDs are attached to and modify the blink led code to suit.

TCIII Developer