Problems with Skywalker X8 by switching Flightmode


i have set up my new Flying-Wing.

I already fly a Phantom FX-6.
Same receiver, same transmitter.
Same Channels.

On my X8 i have the problem thats if i switch with my 3 step switch (low middle up) it inverts my sticks!

On “Auto” and “RTL” are all ok (i can move elevons), but if i switch to Manual-Mode it inverts it! I dont know where i have to change parameter! Its bad for start and landing :wink:

I have tried change “roll revers” “elevons” “elevons rev” “pitch reverse” “INVERTEDFLT_CH” etc.

Whats my error?

Best regards

Could you post a dataflash log file please? Its probably related to your RCx_REV parameter settings and what you have your transmitter setup to do.
Thanks, Grant.

I’ve always assumed that if the servos respond correctly in the auto pilot controlled modes then the reverse settings in mission planner are correct. If they respond reversed in manual then you need to reverse the channel on your transmitter.