Problems with Kakute F7 mini

Doing my first ardupilot build and have encountered numerous issues and have solved all but one of them. The hardware listing for the kakute f7 mini lists a current sensor, which in actuality it does not have. I am using my board in combination with a brainfpv radix li wing pdb, which has a current sensor. I have the current sense wired up correctly between them, but cannot get any current reading. I am starting to think its down to the hardware page listing the [BATT_CURR_PIN] as 12. In fact the whole battery monitoring settings seem to be just copied from the kakute f7/aio. Also the pdb lists 50mv/A, and so I also tried entering the BATT_AMP_PERVLT to 20 with no success. If I am correct in my assumption the wrong pin is listed, how do I determine the correct one? Has anyone successfully gotten external current monitoring working on this board? PS I am new to this so go easy on me.