Problems with centered stick

I having issues with my throttle stick, I already did the calibrations and set PILOT_THR_BHV to 1, but still get the pre arm error throttle too high. Is there any other parameter that I should be configuring or I have to keep the throttle stick down to arm every time?

Have you properly performed Radio Sticks Calibration?

Your pre-arm error occurs while trying to arm/disarm via GCS? If so, try setting ARMING_RUDDER to 2.

I pressed to start calibration and then followed the instructions that popped in the screen, move the sticks to extremes and then release them.

Either by using GCS or using a button that arm/disarms, I get the error. One thing I noticed last I tested, this happens with Stabilize but not Loiter, but didn’t test for others modes other than these two.

Sorry I wasn’t aware you were trying this is Stabilize Flight Mode.

I think this flight mode will not allow you to arm with centered throttle stick since at this mode throttle stick directly controls the thrust applied to your motors. In Loiter or AltHold it will work since this stick controls the rate of climb/descent and mid-stick means “zero” to this.