Problems with B/E FMU, in new Pixhawk 4 (2019)

I have serious problems with B/E FMU led flashing and freezing when using Ardupilot / firmware 4.0.0 stable. With PX4, in QGC this does not happen at all. As I can see are the whole 02 IRS/IRU out of service. This only happens when using my Pixhawk 4 (new hardware version anno 2019) i Ardupilot, I don’t know what’s kind a bug that obviously wasn’t found in the PX4 flight stack, but are in ChibiOS_Plane.
Place help, Best Claus Denmark

ArduPilot uses the B/E led and the ACT LEDs on the Pixhawk4 to implement a 2-LED status scheme which we call “BoardLed2”.
It is quite normal for B/E to be flashing.
What do you mean by “freezing” ?

Hi t, thanks for your answer :slight_smile: … freezing was probably not the best word-choice. when B/E flashes on and off, its never goes off completely but remains dim, approx. 10% LED illuminated- Best Claus