Problems with APM

Hi! This is my first post here! I am having my first APM 2.6 on my hands and I am facing some problems.

Firstly I am using an FrSky X8R receiver and I want to use the RSSI output. I connect everything by following those instructions here: … ndication/ but I can’t find anywhere in the latest Mission Planner the RSSI_RANGE! Where is this parameter?

Secondly, I was trying to activate the relay! I setup CH7 from my transmitter and from the Mission Planner I change the Relay_Pin to A9 and from running I’ve set the CH7 to Relay On/Off. But nothing is happening! I’ve check with the Mission Planner (from the radio calibration section) and CH7 is going above the defined PWM value! How I will activate the relay from my transmitter switch? What I am doing wrong?

I was trying to eliminate the bad hardware possibility in the case of the relay problem…
so, I’ve try to set to the same pin the camera trigger function! It works perfectly (but as a camera trigger, it goes on and after couple of seconds goes off again)!

So, it’s not a hardware problem! Something has to do with a bug or so…

By the way, I am using the latest quad-copter firmware and the latest Mission Planner.

We don’t have any update about that? Is the RSSI_RANGE parameter not present any more?
If yes, then someone mush change this one: … ndication/
because the instructions are wrong!