Problems loading parameters after I updated to version 4.1.5


I am using AP version 4.1.5 on four Pixhawk Mini4 in TradHelis.
Until the update to version 4.1.5 I had no
problems loading parameters from FC into Mission Planner.

After I updated to 4.1.5, on all four FCs I have the problem that loading the parameters takes a long time.

By chance I have activated the parameter FFT_, for anlayzing the vibrations. And, the parameters are then loaded quickly again. If I deactivate FFT_ again, the problem with the slow loading is back.

I have made a Youtube video about this, where you can follow this behavior on the MP.

What can be the reason for this?



There is a fix for this in 4.2 - you should try it

Hi Andy,

is it this bug fix in 4.2.2 ?

“f) Param download (via MAVFTP) fixed for params with overlapping names”

If so, I will wait until I use 4.2.2.

In the moment i do not update to 4.2.2 because, with a trad heli you have to retune the min an max parameters of the collective pitch. In the moment I want to fly because we have good weather in Germany. In Winter ist better to work on the helis :wink: