Problem ZigZag mode

I am currently testing the Zigzag mode.
When I save my 2 waypoints no problem however when I recall the waypoints then the drone goes there but lose altitude each time.
What this could come from, I specify that in LOITER mode and AltHold all work correctly and that I have a proximity sensor for field monitoring.

Thanks for your help

I just tried again and I found where the problem came from.
When I deactivate the option WPNAV_RFND_USE the ZigZag mode works correctly. However when I activate it I lose altitude with each change of Waypoint until at 0m finally I think I cut before each time.
On the other hand, what worries me is for the use in Auto mode if I want to carry out missions, will I have the same problem ?
Thank you for your help

I also just tested the Auto mode by activating or deactivating WPNAV_RFND_USE and it is the same thing my proximity sensor is not used. However when I am in Loiter it works and also when I am in ZigZag mode in middle position on my switch (Same problem here in this post (In ZigZig Mode Vehicle does not properly follow Terrain)
I’m using Copter 4.0.3 and Qgroundcontrol

Could this come from Qgroundcontrol ?

I just tested with Mission Planner on Pc instead of Grouncontrol on tablet and I have the same problem in ZigZag mode it only works in the intermediate position of the position switch.

Hi Chr,

did you get it to work?

Yes the problem came from the advanced obstacle detection function.

Does the Version 4.05 fix it?

How to overcome it, by disabling the advanced obstacle detection function?


Again, thanks Chr,

Were you using Lidars to keep your drone stay at a precise height?