Problem with tuning

Hello guys,
I have drone Octa Quad
I have a problem with tuning.
The Drone behaves well in Althold mode (Pitch, Roll, Yaw), diagonally (with pitch and roll) good as well. The problem is occurring when tilting diagonally in mode Loiter, then it has oscillations.

Drone has:

  • Engines M6C08 130KV IPE V3
  • Li-ion 30000mAh 12S
  • Propeller 22.2 x 7.2 tried on 24x 7,2, to no avail
  • Pixhawk 2.1 Kore carrier board + Cube Orange
  • Here V2
  • weight 15,2 kg

I put logs.

Are you using an x or a + frame configuration? Is your flight controller mounted according to it?

I’m using configuration X.
Yes, the controller is mounted right.
Should I send the parameters?